Faculty Day at Port Dickson

9th May, 2009 was the date chosen by my office mate to have our first family-faculty day..venue, hubby n waiz just can't wait to go n enjoy..I was at first quite worry if waiz would be afraid of the ocean n wave..n etc..but somehow when we arrived, he to say...over excited i guess.. when he saw a very "BIG AMOUNT OF WATER THAT HE CAN INDULGE INTO" before we land at Bayu Beach Resort, we stop by at this small shop to buy waiz's float..and he chose a blue colored Tom n Jerry with a steering and honk..Enuff said..these pix will tell u the details...

Sampai2 je Waiz main pasir..(hehe..kalau main pasir kat umah tgn kene pok2 dgn ibu..kalu kt PD xpe pulak..hmmm..mesti die confuse..

Er..gamba ni korang definela sendiri k..hehehe
(notes: yg tu waiz dgn aunty apit..bukan ibunya yeh..kitorg mmg look alike skit..)

The Faculty members!!

Aunty Nicole trying to kiss Uwaiz..

Sun set...time to go home....

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