Sebenarnya aku pun xtau nk citer camne bende ni..I don't want it to sound like 18sx sgt..but it was really a shocking news I've ever heard..(utk bulan May nih..hehe)

To really think about it..yes I was being very..very..very naive..Being a students b4, I really have a very high respect towards my lecturers and i will NEVER EVER think bad about them (when i say means BAD)

Thus..when I got to know this news..I almost cried..(ashamed of course!!!)

Just..cube korang bayangkan student.. that I know and quite close with is actually stalking me!! and is having dirty fantasy (and what not!!) about me and he actually share it with his friends!! In the class!!!! and no one tells me until last Monday, 4th may 2009! (er this thing happens back in 2006 kot)

Rase mcm diri ni murah sgt!! And I'm wondering..ape yg aku buat n ape sgt la cara aku dressing? Aku bukannye seksi pun..aku xpakai sleeveles or spaghetti or skirt or hot pants tu jauh sekali la.. I'm wearing the most decent (in my context la) clothing..contoh decent? A top yg jarang sgt lengan will always be quarter length ok..and a long pants..Would that sound decent to you as well? Of course kan?!!!!!!!!!

Cara aku jalan pun bole jd something dirty and it really really really made me urghhhh!!!! I have no word to describe it..Aku cume xsangka akan diperhatikan cenggitu skali and xsangka that particular student will do that..urghh..Now, because of him..aku terpaksa lebih hati2 in class..hatta nk tunduk amik kertas yg jatuh pun maybe kena tunggu class over baru la aku pungut is really really annoying and disturbing facts....

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