Keeping the moon in my hand!!

Master has been ages that I did not update my blog...guess since I start my master...It was hell out of me..nk makan pun xsempat (hehe..tapi badan mcm di pam2 jugek)..and since its the semester break, I should put some words or two to share my happiness today!!!

Yippidedooooooo...the result was out about 2-3 days it was quite a handsome one!! and I am proud of myself. I pulled it thru despite of my own teaching profession, my problematic and spoiled students, my demanding boss and my(understanding) family...fuuuhh..(i cud generate a longer list if u request..hahaha)..Just that dissappointed sikit coz I was expecting 4flat...not that I am not thankful..but if 4flat is in my hand then I can convert my master to PhD..nak buat of the module dapat xdapatla ape yg di idamkan...but still i hope that I can keep the moon in my hand..pray for meeee!!!)


The work are as usual, always demanding..and the tense is usually caused by irresponsible, childish, and ass (attention seekers) colleague. Just a piece of thought.. Goodness can never flourish in a bad setting. If you are eager for people to respect you, then you should know that it can never be asked from people..RESPECT is to be earned..not to be asked, and remember, set your behaviour right before u try to set others'. Kadang2 muak dgn perangai2 (the so called) academician...the biasness, the childishness, and the immatureness of them. The reason students are here is because they need our guide (in a first place). Thus if they act irresponsibly, (well, they are teenagers..what do u expect?) try ur level best to straight them. I had always believe in giving more than second chance. If a problematic students can be a diligent one in my class, then I think u shud put a deep thought on it on why the said student is a problem for you! Yeah..ur education level is higher than mine, but that doesn't means ur experience can match mine..hmmm...dh over emo nih..I better stop..


Heee...part that I love most..Waiz is going 2 next month. And I have started to look and survey a kindies for opinion is, might as well that he starts early and learns alot of things in a good way instead of tinggal kat nursery and learn nothing except fighting for toys, watching TV, and learn unnecessary things (YES!!!! he now know how to put his tongue out when I scold him..mulut kena tepuk xyah kira ah..n lucky now dia xbuat lagi dah, sakit wooo aku tepuk tuh) and baru2 nih pulak, if i scold him, dia akan pukul aku balik..kekadang terlepas gak aku tepuk tgn dia (eh korang, kalau marah anak, jangan pukul area tapak & belakang tangan tau..nnti anak bengap, pukul or cubit lengan die xpe..tapi jgn sampai tahap mendera plak..) I would always aim betis die kalau nk tepuk so that he knows I am serious. Well...slalu gak aku kena tegur dgn org2 sekeliling..waiz tu kecik lagi la..mane die tau ape2 la...but for me, kalau sekarang xajar, he will think that it is okay to do such things..betul x? tapi xdela aku marah to the kindies stories...

So far, I have surveyed Smart Reader..(not interested with the module) I want Waiz to sharpen his motor skill but xnakla sampai ade homework bawak balik hari2...he will have a long years to do it when he reach 7 me..sampai dh tua ni, belajar jugak I want him to learn in an enjoyable way..

Second Q-dees..under consideration, best pasal dia buat swimming class skali..gud..(i'll update on this later kay..I am still asking around...)

Third (belum survey lagi..hahahahahahaha)

2 concerns:

mamalieyna said...

Lamanye menyepi kan..nyway congrate for yr Master..! bestnyer..dh setle sume! ^_^

~eza.ism~ said...

Thanx wak..xde la..mane settle lg master saye..ade 1more sem to go..n after that kena settlekan thesis plak..

Loooooooooooooooooooong way to go.. ;(