Bad day....

Today..I feel..nothing is right..the day started very wrongly..and it seems to continue being wrong..
Today..things go haywire..

Why there, exist people who just got through in whatever they do in a snap of fingers..and I have to go through million obstacles to get things done?

Why there, exist people who will only take the glory..while other people are getting the job done?

Why there, people will immediately judge you for the single mistake u made today..and ignore 10 good things you've done yesterday?


Today...I feel like quitting my job..quitting from all this messes..

And..I pray you may get all the power, attention, and recognition you wanted..that you will get whatever you wished for...

For I don't deserve any of that..

Because I believe Allah is preparing something better for me..something which I will appreciate later..Insya'Allah...

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