Old School...

Salam sejahtera di hari Jumaat....(yeay!! besok cuti)

Actually, this entry were made while I am marking my internship students' work..Whereby, there's a report writing, log book of daily task for 3mos, and industry supervisor assessment (which is very much P&C) >>the main reason this entry were made :D

Do you remember back then, when we wanted to send mail off shore, whereby we have to use red wax to seal the documents, or have u ever watch Chinese Dynasty/Emperor movie, which the letter sent by the messenger will be sealed by the emperor first..or if I am not mistaken..we called it Cop Mohor here..:)

Haa...this is what I received from classic

Classic kan? and it has become the main attraction of the day in my Faculty..hahahaha..rase cam nk simpan je buat kenang-kenangan....

Till then...

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