Happy 3rd Birthday Uwaiz!!

Harini genap la usia Uwaiz 3 tahun, and this post is purposely created at this hour, as he was born at 6.32pm, 27th December 2007. I would only hope the best for you in the world and hereafter. Ibu doakan segala yg terbaik buat kamu Uwaiz, supaya kamu menjadi anak yang soleh, bijak serta di senangi ramai. I love you so much and by having you only I realize that I would lose my life before I lose u..
The journey, since you were 1 day old, will remain a sweet memories forever. When u fall sick, I'll be the one who is miserable, that I wish those illnesses are transferable. When you laugh, I will laugh louder, and when you cry, I will cry harder.
There's no word to describe how much I care, how much I love and how much I cherish you...
Happy Birthday tanje!!! Muaxxxxs!!!

Your Ibu....

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ujee said...

happy bday Waiz!!!!